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Greg Matteson



Musical Craftsmanship

Accompanying, music direction, arranging, and copying are just some of my varied services, each of which comes with the same promise of quality. I’m an experienced musician with the training and passion to meet any musical need. 


Let's make music!

Contact me to find out how I can assist you with all your musical needs. 


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Accompany singers, instrumentalists, Choirs, and ensembles

If you need an accompanist, I’m your guy. I'll play for your choir, your student’s recital, private lessons, dance classes, musicals/shows, and for professional soloists and ensembles. All skill levels are fair game, from novice, intermediate, or advanced student to experienced professional.


Arrange a song for voices, winds, piano(s), strings, or band

Arrangements of in a variety of styles and for varying skill levels is my specialty. Some of my arrangements have even won awards! I’ll write for your show/musical, choir, a cappella group, piano/piano duet performance, marching band, string quartet, or chamber ensemble. You name the piece and type of orchestration and I’ll arrange it!


Direct an ensemble

My directing experience includes musicals, choirs, instrumental ensembles, and collegiate and professional a cappella ensembles. I am happy to step in for a single rehearsal or performance, or lead a group from the first rehearsal through the final show.


Orchestrate a piece

If you have a composition that needs to be orchestrated, drop me a line. I can orchestrate for any ensemble, including wind ensemble, orchestra, strings, choir, electronic and synthesized sounds, and any combination. Orchestrations are a case-by-case job, so contact me for more information.



Having a party, wedding ceremony, society meeting, or any other kind of event? How about some nice piano music to go along with it? Give me a call - I play all genres and composers and I'll happily cater my set to your needs. I have experience with various parties and galas, weddings, funerals, other services, fundraisers, meetings, shows, and recitals.



With professional recording equipment I will turn your sheet music into beautiful sound. I’ll record anything, including piano parts, piano accompaniments, and vocal parts.



Need sheet music for a song? Send your song over and I’ll transcribe it for you. I can do all instruments present in the recording or just the ones you specify. Transcriptions can be done as sheet music, just chords, or as tablature.



If you already have your sheet music but your song is in the wrong key, I can help! Simply send me your score, tell me what key you want it in or by how much you want it raised or lowered, and I’ll send you back the altered score.